Selling your Whistler property

Selling Process 

My approach is to make sure you are well informed and confident in the decision to allow me to work with you in marketing and selling your home. Firstly, we will meet and do a walk through of your home. This is your opportunity to treat me as a potential buyer and show me the features and benefits to your home. After previewing your home, I will give you feedback and an opinion of value. 

Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), Property Valuation, and Timeline 

I will compare your property to those currently listed, recently sold and properties that didn’t sell to determine a realistic asking price. Buyers are looking for the best priced property in the best condition in relation to other listings currently on the market. Through the CMA together we will determine the value of your home and decide when you would like it on the market and ideally when you would like it sold. 

Implement Marketing Plan 

I will customize a combination of print and online marketing to give your property as much exposure to potential buyers as possible.

Prepare Your Home For Showings 

Make sure the first impression is the best impression. Always keep your home clean, clutter and odour-free for showings. You can create ambiance by making sure pets are out of the house, turning on the lights and background music. Professional photos and/or video will also be taken at this stage. If allowed and applicable, I will use a drone to capture the area.

Track Market Changes 

The market is constantly changing and to stay ahead of the pack, I ensure that I am always in tune with the price of comparables, what is selling and what isn’t.

Feedback and Communication 

The key to any great relationship is communication. I will follow up after showings to give you feedback from agents and potential buyers. We will converse as much as needed about the market, the progress of activity/interest in your property, and pricing strategies. 

Receive an Offer(s)

I will consult with you to help you fully understand the terms of the buyer’s offer. 

Negotiation Period 

There are four possible outcomes once an offer is brought to the table– acceptance, rejection, counter-offer and the possibility of being in multiple offers. Together, we will discuss the best strategy to get your desired outcome and I will negotiate with the other party on your behalf.

Accepted Offer 

Once both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the sale, the buyer typically has a 1-2 week period to do their ‘due diligence’ and ensure all the subjects/conditions of the offer have been satisfied. We will supply the buyer’s agent with the following items included in their offer (if applicable): a property disclosure statement, title search, strata documents, inclusion list and access for an inspection. 

Subject Removal 

Once the buyer ‘removes their subjects/conditions’ a firm and binding contract exists.

Arrange Movers and Other Tips 

You should check in advance to make sure they are available on the day you plan to move. You will also want to make arrangements for natural gas, electricity, phone, cable and internet to be disconnected on the completion date. Make sure you change your address with all accounts (post office, medical, driver’s license, etc.) 

Completion Date 

This is the day the title to the property is registered in the buyer’s name and you receive payment for the transfer of the property. 

Possession/Adjustment Date 

The buyer takes possession of the property and becomes responsible for all cost (taxes, services etc). 

Follow Up

I am always here to answer any questions you have whether it is the next day or next year. Feel free to call me for advice, a service provider recommendation, or a market update.

A note to Non-Resident Sellers

It is best to contact your accountant as soon as you decide to list your property. Non-resident sellers must report their property sales to Revenue Canada. Revenue Canada will in turn issue a clearance certificate in exchange for an estimate of taxes owing. This certificate ensures that you have paid all your Canadian taxes before you take the money from your investment out of the country. Up to 50% of the gross sales proceeds may be held until a clearance certificate is issued. It may take 4 to 12 weeks+ to obtain a clearance certificate. This will be held until your Canadian Income Tax Return is filed; which must be done in the year you sell your property. 
Contact your local accountant for more information and professional advice. 

Curious to what your home is worth? 
Send me a message with details of your home. 

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